“A Free, Equitable and
Compassionate World for All”

Sustainable policy solutions require that we bring practice, policy and research together.  My work focuses on linking these to create optimal solutions to gender and health policy issues in the sustainable development context.   I believe that the world is better served by the cooperation of different disciplines and stakeholders, using this diversity of interests and approaches as growth opportunities. 

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research and policy

A life of health and wellbeing is a fundamental human right.  Every person, regardless of their socioeconomic status, gender, race, age, and affiliation should have equal access to timely and adequate health care.  Beyond conceptualization, it means that the health aspect needs to be included in all policies under consideration.  In practice, sustainable universal health coverage that has addressed inequities in health practices is what we need to work towards.

A quarter of a century after the Beijing declaration was signed dedicated to advancing equity, development and peace for all women globally, the need to promote gender equality in all aspects of development is still great.  Much evidence has been gathered through research and new concepts such as, among others, gender lens, gender mainstreaming, and gender budgeting have become a standard for any viable development policies.  Yet, women are still the main victims of gender-based violence, earning less, and holding only a small portion of leadership positions.  Women also make 80% of the health work force. 

From the Millennium Goals to the Agenda 2030 SDGs, sustainable development has become a sine qua non in development policies globally.   As a global community, we now understand that in order to reach one developmental goal we have to consider how they are all interconnected, and the need to strive towards transformational relationships between stakeholders involved in the development processes.



I find inspiration and my true purpose when working with people from around the globe and from different walks of life sharing the same values and the desire to make our future better for those who come after us.

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