Dagmar Radin:
“Curiosity, Passion, Determination”

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dagmar radin

Dagmar, born in the middle-class family from Croatia, grew up with parents of different nationalities in a society that was culturally insensitive to diversity. Her family’s story made her aware of social inequality and social stigmatization, but also empowered her to fight for a more just society. As a teenager, Dagmar moved to the United States where she spent the following twenty years. Her life in the US deepened her perception and understanding of inequality and her role in the world. Both personal and professional experiences led her to the realization that she wanted to do something more meaningful in her mission to contribute to social development, gender equality, and fair systems for everyone.

Dagmar Radin is a scholar, consultant and policy advisor

Dagmar’s Education

Dagmar is a scholar and university professor of public policy at the University of Zagreb. She holds Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Political Science from Southern Methodist University, MA, and Ph.D. degrees in Political Science from the University of North Texas. Besides her academic career, she is acting as a consultant and policy advisor in the field of health care systems and policies, gender equality, corruption, and sustainable development.

Dagmar is acting as a consultant and policy advisor in the field of health care systems and policies, gender equality, corruption, and sustainable development.

In addition to her scholarly and consulting work, she is also serving in other functions within her area of expertise both in the European Commission, as president of the International Institute for Health Impact, and as editor in chief of the Croatian Political Science Review.


Through her career, Dagmar has been collaborating in scholarly research and projects with experts from the fields of political science, biomedicine, public health, sociology, and pharmacology. Even though her education was focused on public policy, her work is transdisciplinary, and it often integrates political science, public health, economics and sociology to find new approaches in addressing modern challenges. She regularly presents her research at international conferences and is member of the International Political Science Association, Midwest Political Science Association, Health Systems Global, and is Executive Board member of the Croatian Political Science Association.

Dagmar Radin during her visit to Afghanistan


Dagmar’s engagement in the community is driven by her desire to improve the human condition and to contribute to the improvement of the welfare of the most vulnerable and least protected groups in society. For that, she has derived much inspiration from the work of the United Nations, and her experience from Afghanistan.

The opportunity to turn her life passion into life work is what has been fueling the fire of creativity and perseverance, regardless of whether this has come to her in a classroom, field research or policy drafting.

Dagmar hopes that through her work, she will keep contributing to the achievement of health for all, a world of greater gender equality, and integrate it into policies that make life sustainable.

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