Gender Equity

“Gender equity is a
fundamental human right”

current work

Dagmar is currently working on gender research projects that include her work experience in Afghanistan in the areas of health and policymaking. She is also collaborating on existing research project in Ghana addressing gender equity and nutrition with researchers from Mississippi State University.



Research fellow of the Gender Impacts Lab at the Social Science Research Center at Mississippi State University.

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projects and policy

Healthcare policy development adviser, Promote Women in Economy, Afghanistan, DAI Global LLC, a USAID project.
The third part of an international project aimed at promoting women’s inclusion in the Afghan economy. The goal of this part of the Promote WIE Afghanistan project was to give the opportunity to women medical doctors and dentists to get registered and licensed by the newly created Afghan Medical Council in order to improve their chance on getting employed in the health care sector in Afghanistan. While many women are already trained and might be qualified to practice in their areas of study, hiring is currently done though informal networks that women have limited access to. Healthcare facilities typically do not have a great deal of confidence in the degrees or certificates of graduates from Afghan medical faculties, making it all the more difficult for women that are not well connected through relatives, friends or professional networks to secure an interview or a position. A formal licensing system that helps facilities identify qualified healthcare workers will contribute toward leveling the playing field for women. 

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Member of Women in Global Health Gender Equity Hub.

Steering Committee Member at the Centre for Civil Initiatives (NGO), Croatia, 2016-present.

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