Sustainable Development

“Policy integration
as a key to sustainability”


Dagmar’s work is underpinned by the principle that only an when we consider the effect of research findings, policymaking and practice across multiple sectors can we truly move towards sustainability in development. Good governance and institutions, health in all policies, and gender are some of the cross-cutting issues in her work.


latest research

  • Radin, Dagmar. 2019. Sustainable Development Goal 16: Focus on public institutions, World Public Sector Report 2019. Public Sector Economics, 43(4), pp.477-483. Read more on PSE Journal.
  • Radin, Dagmar. 2018. “The Effect of Anti-corruption policies on social and political trust”. Journal of Social Responsibility. 2019, Vol.15, No. : 658-670.
  • Radin, Dagmar and Brian Shoup. 2014. “Party Instability, Institutional Incentive, and Corruption in Emerging Democracies”. Croatian and Comparative Public Administration, no.4: 401-425.


Expert evaluator of the impact of public policies on Croatia’s global competitiveness.
The policy evaluations done by a panel of three experts are supported by the Lipa association, a Croatian NGO representing the interests of taxpayers in Croatia. The goal of the project is to evaluate the proposed and newly passed policies’ impact of the Croatian government on the country’s global competitiveness by using the methodology of the World Economic Forum.

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